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Author name: Jordan Zipkin

An image of raindrops on a airplane window looking out at the airport during sunrise

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

When we get preoccupied with anxiety, fear, and dread about an upcoming flight, and we try to plan for all the “what if” scenarios, we use our cerebral cortex. Here, we are trying our best to resolve our anxiety and fear. The problem is it has no chance of working. The reason is twofold.

A disheartened couple sitting on opposite sides of a bed and facing away from each other as they face emotional turmoil due to infidelity.

How Infidelity Therapy Can Help Repair and Rebuild Relationships

The reality is, through the right kind of infidelity therapy, not only can you heal from what you’ve endured and genuinely learn to trust your partner again, but you can also expect that the two of you will transform yourselves into new, better versions of yourselves. You can anticipate that, by the end of your infidelity therapy journey, you two will become a profoundly stronger relationship than you may have ever imagined.

A man sitting back in a chair taking a break from reading a book to pause and breath and enjoy the time he has made for himself to do something that is relaxing.

Taking Time For Yourself: Why Men Should Prioritize Self-Care

Modern professional men are very busy and have many responsibilities on their shoulders: providing for their families, paying bills, working, maintaining friendships, etc. With all these responsibilities being juggled on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget that even men need to prioritize their self-care.  To start things off—self-care is real, even for men. Self-care …

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