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An image of a man who has fallen asleep at his desk after trying to not procrastinate

Why Do I Procrastinate and What Can I Do About It?

In this country in particular, another message that often bombards us all from birth is the idea that our negative emotions are bad. Not only is this incredibly untrue, but when we believe this, it directly contributes to procrastination. If we aren’t supposed to feel distressed, worried, fearful, overwhelmed, guilty, shameful, irritated, and dread, just to name a few common ones related to procrastination, then it will be quite the challenge to begin working on a task where some or all these emotions burst up to the surface.

An image of a man sitting on a couch experiencing anxiety and obsessive thinking and in need of therapy in California

Why Do I Have Anxiety and Obsessive Thinking and What Can I Do about It

Another one of the most critical and common contributors to an anxiety condition is growing up in an environment that exposes one to it in a significant way. Significant can take the form of one or several events that affected you strongly and/or a continuous and consistent exposure to anxious conditions. For instance, perhaps you regularly witnessed mom or dad express specific fears and worries about a variety of topics. When you consider these ways in which you can develop anxiety conditions and struggles, one of the key takeaways is it is not your fault.

An image of a couple sitting at a table with their hands held representing the partners support for addiction

Tips to Support Your Partner with Addiction: Expert Advice

​Communication is the foundation of any successful relationship, and when one partner is struggling with their mental health, it’s important to address it together. If you suspect that your partner could benefit from seeking professional help, it’s essential to approach the conversation with empathy and understanding.

A close up of a couple holding hands. Learn how a San Diego couples therapist can help your relationship by searching for couples therapy in San Diego. They can tell you how online couples therapy in California can help today.

At What Point Should We Seek Couples’ Therapy

A licensed therapist can help you and your partner develop healthier communication strategies, gain a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and emotions, and work towards a more fulfilling and productive relationship.

A man sits on a park bench with his head in his hands appearing distressed. Learn how a San Diego counselor can offer support via therapy by searching for online therapy in Oregon or "online therapist in California" today.

How Do You Know You’re Ready for Therapy?

It’s no secret that many people go through their lives feeling unfulfilled. Often, they don’t even realize it until it’s too late. They go through the motions day after day, year after year, never stopping to question whether or not they’re truly happy.

The Benefits of Couples’ Therapy for Relationships in Crisis

Do you and your partner constantly feel tense, stressed out, and irritated with one another? Maybe you feel as though you, your partner, or both of you are constantly picking on each other for every little thing. Does it feel like you two are always fighting, often about the same things? You’re in crisis mode and you likely feel incredibly stuck, frustrated, and exhausted.

How to Overcome a Fear of Flying

When we get preoccupied with anxiety, fear, and dread about an upcoming flight, and we try to plan for all the “what if” scenarios, we use our cerebral cortex. Here, we are trying our best to resolve our anxiety and fear. The problem is it has no chance of working. The reason is twofold.

How Infidelity Therapy Can Help Repair and Rebuild Relationships

The reality is, through the right kind of infidelity therapy, not only can you heal from what you’ve endured and genuinely learn to trust your partner again, but you can also expect that the two of you will transform yourselves into new, better versions of yourselves. You can anticipate that, by the end of your infidelity therapy journey, you two will become a profoundly stronger relationship than you may have ever imagined.

An intimate couple embrace while resting their heads together. Learn more about the support online couples therapy in San Diego, CA can offer by contacting a San Diego couples therapist. They can offer support with online couples therapy in San Diego, CA and other services.

Sparks Will Fly: 10 Date Night Ideas In San Diego From A Couples Therapist

Life and responsibilities got in the way and they feel disconnected from their partners and are unsure how to reconnect in a meaningful way. The good news—all of those men had hope, and if you’re reading this and are looking for a nudge in the right direction—there is hope for you too! 

checking the time as a busy professional checking themselves for signs of stress.

The Surprising Signs of Stress for Busy Professionals

It’s Monday—you’re up all night stewing on a project. Tuesday—your to-do list grows longer and longer no matter how hard you work. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Before you know it, that Sunday night anxiety is settling in again and the week has passed in a blur. Thus begins the story of many busy professionals as stress creeps in from every angle.

How to Make the Most Out of Each Session with a Couples’ Therapist

Being in a relationship is a lot of hard work, and you may have turned to an online couples therapist to help you get back on track. Still, you may be wondering how to make the most out of each session with a couples therapist. As a team offering online couples therapy in Oregon, Florida, and California we have some thoughts, so check them out!

Image of a woman slipping off her wedding ring. Showing the decisions that infidelity therapy, or infidelity counseling, with a couples therapist can help with. Whether you are in San Diego, CA or Portland OR.

Infidelity Therapy

You feel like your world is turned upside down. The memories you have of yourself and your partner are all now called into question. The

Unique Ways to Cope with Stress

Are you humble to the point of self-deprecation? Frequently find yourself feeling like the professional growth you’ve achieved is all a scam? If you find yourself feeling like you don’t belong in the career you have or frequently worrying you’re somehow not deserving of your success, this one’s for you.

Blurred Boundaries: Does Working From Home Help or Hurt?

Remote work options are a hot-button topic these days. With over 70% of people hoping to continue to find some flexibility in their workspace offerings, it’s time to get down to data in figuring out what those options really offer you.

The Most Essential Steps to Healing Fighting in My Relationship

If you’ve been continually fighting with your loved one, it might seem obvious why. Perhaps you attempt to repeatedly bring up your concerns about your partner and your relationship, but nothing changes. To understand why, and how to create real, lasting change, we have to go back in time to when we were children.

Feeling Like An Imposter in Your Career

Are you humble to the point of self-deprecation? Frequently find yourself feeling like the professional growth you’ve achieved is all a scam? If you find yourself feeling like you don’t belong in the career you have or frequently worrying you’re somehow not deserving of your success, this one’s for you.

Image of two dogs sitting next to each other looking happy in front of a pink background. Are you struggling in your relationship? As a San Diego couples therapist Jordan can help you find joy and closeness. Reach out and learn how couples therapy in San Diego, CA can help you.

2 Steps to Establishing A Close & Satisfying Relationship

When you and your partner have been so distant, disconnected, and struggling for so long, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You so desperately want to have that close and satisfying relationship you either once had or know you can have if you only learned the right skills. In this blog, we’ll help you learn 2 easy to learn and implement skills to dramatically improve the quality of your relationship today.

4 Key Tips for Decision Making from an Online Therapist

You’re at a critical place in your life. You don’t know which decision to make. You believe you must choose correctly and the sooner the do it, the sooner you’ll feel relief from confusion, overwhelm, and fear. You know once you decide which path to take, you’ll feel clarity and confidence because you’ll know that you’re living a life that aligns with your values. In this blog, we’ll explore how to accomplish this goal.

Image of a man covering his head with work papers. Showing the type of situations that stress management can help with. A therapist can help you cope with stress through therapy in San Diego, CA

When Meditation Stops Helping With Stress Management

Does stigma, stress, or a sense of personal responsibility keep you from reaching out to get the stress support you need? Have you tried things like prioritizing your schedule or meditation, but still left with an impending sense of doom about things going on at work or home? Here’s how to take the next step when your stress relief tips stop working.

Image of a man sitting on a bed holding his head. Getting more and better sleep is one way to reduce stress. If you are like this man therapy for stress can help. Stop dreading Sunday night and start finding options for stress management.

Suffering From Sunday Night Anxiety & Stress?

If you find yourself frustrated by the dread that puts a damper on your Sunday night every week, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk all about the Sunday scaries and how you can put them to rest for good.

What is Commitment Phobia…and What Do I Do About It?

Do you suspect you or the person with whom you’re dating has commitment phobia? Are you unsure what commitment phobia really is, but you have some idea, and worry about what it means for you, your relationship, and dating for you in general? Do you wish you had the right tools to attract great, loving, caring, thoughtful people into your life and keep them around? If so, this blog could be a great start to this process.

Simple Ways to Stop Having the Same Fights Over and Over with Your Partner

Tired of having the same fights over and over again? Do you feel like you and your loved one are stuck, frustrated, and simply unable to move past one or several topics of disagreement? In this blog, we will look at critical concepts and easy to implement skills to help you both drastically reduce these experiences and much better navigate them when they appear.

Simple Ways to Appreciate the Holidays

The holidays aren’t always as joyous as they initially promise. You may find yourself, understandably, filled with overwhelm, sadness, anxiety, and irritation, as you scramble to get a bunch of gifts and see a variety of people (a handful of whom you wish you didn’t have to see). You may also find yourself desiring a much calmer, mindful, and joyful experience. In this blog, we will explore ways to do this as quickly as possible!

The Best Ways to Enjoy the Holidays During the Pandemic

The holidays are stressful and overwhelming enough. Now, we have to try to enjoy them with the addition of an unwanted guest: COVID-19. In this blog, we will review several tips to make your holidays as enjoyable as possible.

What You Need to Know about Helping Your Addicted Partner

You feel like you’re always walking on eggshells around your partner. It didn’t used to be like this. You used to be such a great couple and then your partner lost his/her way. S/he is addicted and you’re stuck; you don’t know how to help him/her. In this blog, we’ll look at critical concepts and skills to begin understanding and incorporating to help you and your loved one through this incredibly challenging time.

How to Move Past Fights in Your Relationship

You’re tired of the constant fights with your partner. You also wish the aftermath of these fights didn’t haunt you both for days, seemingly endlessly. In this blog, we will look at ways to 1. prevent such intense and frequent fights and 2. ensure that, once you get into a conflict, you and your partner can enjoy each other and life again as quickly as possible.

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