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Are You Dealing With Chronic Stress?

Although it seems like a simple answer, admitting when you are stressed is difficult for many individuals. Whether you are going through the everyday wear and tear or you find yourself in an extreme situation, unwanted stress can cause many harms to your mental, emotional and physical states if it is not addressed. When an individual is placed under a lot of stress, they may feel the need to project that hurt, anger, or anxiety onto others further enabling the cycle of stress.

How Stress Affects The Body

Stress can take many forms, but the most common indicator of someone experiencing stress is through their body language. If an individual is feeling overwhelming stress in their life, their body will demonstrate how and where the stress is taking over. The bodily toll that stress has on someone is a direct correlation to the mental and emotional hardships they may be facing internally. Speaking about stress on the body isn’t something to hide but rather a tool to look for when you believe somebody may be suffering from stress. Below are some common indicators that can help you identify whether someone you know is experiencing stress:

  • Tightened muscles, particularly in the face or hands
  • Fidgeting or inability to remain still for periods
  • Intestinal issues such as stomach pains or frequent bathroom visits
  • Decrease in their immune system support and persistent colds/viruses

What Can We Help With?

Because many variables could be in play when dealing with stress, we understand the importance of finding the root of whatever is causing stress. By creating room for an individual to fully explore the depths of their mental and emotional states, we are allowing them to look deep into themselves and find the solution to their stress. Whether it be anxieties, depression, or trauma, we are here to help create a safe space where your emotions and experiences are validated while still practicing healthy coping mechanisms.

Don’t Let Your Stress Linger

At Stress Solutions, we can aid your journey in overcoming whatever is causing you to stress and provide you with the tools you need to strengthen your resolve and focus, making it easier to maintain sustainable stress levels in the future. No one can cure stress, but with the right aid, you can work on being a better you even through stressful situations. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and find the right solutions to your never-ending stress.

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