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Valued Mentorship

“If you are looking for a therapist that gets you and gets to the point, Jordan is your guy! He is kind, encouraging and has a great sense of humor. Most of all, he is passionate about YOU feeling better and being able to stay that way. With solid training and commitment, I highly recommend Jordan as a therapist.”

Transformed Relationship

We are so thankful of Jordan. He helped us tremendously and gave us tools to help us stay healthy. We started out therapy on the verge of divorce and ended up, about 6 months later, more connected, happy, and affectionate than we've been in a long time. We've been together for over 30 years and we now know we'll stay together.

Thrilled Past Employee

“Jordan Zipkin is just amazing! He’s hilarious, down to earth, very knowledgeable & beyond insightful! I plan on referring many others to him & I truly can appreciate how pleasant he makes this whole mental health journey for clients.”

Thrilled Colleague

“As a colleague and mental health professional, I highly recommend Jordan as he consistently provides his clients with utmost professionalism, knowledge, empathy, and high quality treatment. Jordan specializes in treating clients who present with difficulties related to past trauma and particularly works well with those who are highly motivated in therapy. Jordan's sense of humor, compassion for others, and genuine character shine through in the work he does.”

Terrific Colleague

“My experience of Jordan is that he is a very kind-hearted, compassionate, and genuine clinician and therapist. Every time I have spoken to Jordan, he has offered me with compelling feedback and advice, and I know he presents himself with that similar outstanding care and regard for his clients. I definitely recommend Jordan supportive therapy.”

Proud Employer

“I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Jordan on many occasions. He is passionate about helping adults overcome a variety of challenges such as past trauma, anxiety, depression, and addiction. His therapy style is caring, humorous, and solution-focused. Thank you Jordan for making a difference in our south Florida community!”

Previously Anxious Individual

When I walked in the door for therapy, I was so overwhelmed, anxious. I had so much going on. I was getting panic attacks all the time. I didn't know why. My sleep was all messed up and I was just struggling. Jordan helped me understand what the panic and anxiety was all about. Once I knew where it was coming from, it calmed everything down a lot. I started to catch myself starting to get anxious and panic and Jordan taught me ways to avoid the anxiety altogether. I learned how to power through it by knowing it's just anxiety and I now had good tools to calm me down. I started sleeping again and just having a much better life.

Past Employee's Grateful Words

“I have known Jordan for about 4 years now. In that time he has shown a tremendous devotion to the clientele he works with. I could only attribute Jordan's devotion to his clients to his professionalism, knowledge, and understanding of psychotherapy as a whole. I would definitely recommend and refer patients over to him.”

Passionate Professional

“Jordan Zipkin is an excellent therapist and a mental health professional that I highly trust and regard. He provides his clients with insight, knowledge, empathy, and professionalism. He specializes working with individuals who have experienced trauma and guides and supports each individual in reclaiming their life. I highly recommend working with Jordan, as I am confident he will exceed your expectations for therapy.”

Outstanding Therapist's Words

“Jordan is an incredibly passionate, hard-working, and genuine therapist. He clearly cares about his clients and wants the best for everyone; clients as well as colleagues in the profession. Jordan is a source of positivity, humor, and support while also offering a calm, empathic, listening ear. He has and continues to provide life-changing work to our profession. I give Jordan my highest recommendation for those looking to get unstuck, increase clarity and happiness, and be the best version of themselves.”

Jury Consultant Success Story

“Mr. Zipkin served as a jury consultant for our law firm. He assisted us in the jury selection process by using his expertise to analyze the potential jurors and anticipate their biases and decisions. Through a system he developed that looked at several factors such as body language, past experiences, social status, responses, etc. he was able to help us favorably narrow down the jury pool. Mr. Zipkin is professional, respectful, and diligent. I strongly recommend him.”

Individual Therapy for Client Who Conquered Depression

“When I first was referred to Jordan, I was in a very dark place in my life and I was in despair. From day one he was comforting and immediately put me at ease. He is so easy to talk to and he listens and closely pays attention to what I'm telling him. I initially went to Jordan because of my situational depression and once we got to the root of that problem and what led to that point, I was able to release a lot of that grief and we started working on issues that I wanted to improve on in my life. I am so grateful to Jordan for helping me get out of that horrible state I was in.”

Individual Therapy for Client Who Beat Anxiety

“Jordan is an amazing clinician. As soon as you start to talk to him you absolutely understand why he's in the field of helping others. His calmness and ability to understand create a very safe space. I would recommend Jordan to anyone looking to have a great experience with a clinician who cares.”

Individual Struggling with a Painful Breakup

I went through a really tough time after my partner and I broke up. I came to Jordan in a brutal place. I was stuck, confused, anxious all the time, feeling just awful about myself, and couldn't move forward. Jordan really listened. I felt like he really cared about me and what was going on with me. He quickly helped me figure out why I was having so much trouble and to just be kinder to myself about my problems. He immediately taught me tricks to avoid obsessing on my past relationship. He showed me ways to do things that made me feel good and proud about myself. Within just a week, I was feeling so much calmer, clear headed, and hopeful. In about a month, I was so much better. I knew what I needed to do and I was doing it. I was so much happier again. I was the best my friends and family constantly tell me I can be. I am really thankful I found Jordan and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to put the past behind them and be motivated and enthusiastic again.

Enthusiastic Colleague

“Jordan is a kind, skilled, and open-minded therapist. As a colleague, I value his perspective and his friendship. I happily refer clients to him with the knowledge that they will be met with a warm, empathic, but challenging presence. I think what strikes me most about Jordan is that in every discussion we have, he is incredibly thoughtful. His opinions are deliberate and considered, and for this reason, I'm always interested in what he has to say. I would most strongly recommend Jordan to clients who feel stuck, and who want and need a new view of an old situation. People who allow Jordan to witness and weigh in on their habits and behaviors won't be disappointed.”

Enthusiastic Colleague

“Jordan is a compassionate and skilled counselor. He is personable, easy to talk to, genuine and really makes you feel heard and valid. I came to him with something that was very uncomfortable for me to deal with and talking to him helped me to feel confident and a lot better about my issue!”

Appreciative Past Employer

“Jordan is a skilled, compassionate, and caring therapist!”

A Doctor's Passionate Sentiments

“Jordan was a colleague of mine for over 5 years. We studied clinical psychology together, in addition to discussing cases while working together in our school's therapy clinic. From the perspective of a fellow clinician, Jordan has the adept ability to conceptualize his patients in a way that makes sense of their pain, while also guiding the session so that it is the most helpful and therapeutic for the patient. From another perspective, Jordan takes on a supportive, caring, and compassionate role in his patient's lives, which also blends into his relationships outside the therapy room. I am proud to not only call him an effective therapist, but also a close friend.”

A Doctor's Kind Words

“As Jordan's colleague, I have seen that he goes above and beyond in his work with others. His style is caring, patient, and he employs a great sense of humor in his work.”

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