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4 Key Tips for Decision Making from an Online Therapist

Image of yellow arrows drawn on the pavement at the feet of a person. Showing the type of decision that you may struggle with but online therapy can hep with. When meeting with an online therapist for online therapy for men you can embrace the present so decision making is easier.

You’re at a major crossroads in your life.  Perhaps you recently lost your job, became a father or mother, or moved to a new state. You’re unsure which path to take, which decisions are best, and you’ve been unsure for some time now.  You’re fearful, lost, and stuck, and when you start thinking about all of your different choices, you become overwhelmed, and then you try to avoid that feeling by distracting and/or numbing yourself.  You wish you could set aside your fears and take the right steps to your best future.

Tips For Easier Decision Making

Here, Stress Solutions will help you learn some of the crucial steps to reducing your confusion and discovering the path that aligns with your desired life.

Embrace Your Current Place

This recommendation likely seems strange to consider, given you’ve been enduring considerable anguish for some time.  The only way for you to get out of this place is to first recognize and appreciate that it makes sense that you’re struggling with this decision.  There must be plenty of good reasons for you to be stuck in this lost and confused place. So you’ll need to first acknowledge and appreciate those reasons and your related feelings.

Calm Yourself Down in Healthy Ways

Image of a man with his hands on his head staring at books. This represents someone who could benefit from meeting with an online therapist in California for decision making. Online therapy can help you take the next step forward.When our emotions are intense, it obstructs our ability to make the best decisions.  So, when the prospect of making this decision causes your emotions to ramp up in intensity, you’ll need to either learn and/or better utilize healthy self-soothing strategies to calm them down. Some of these strategies include things such as:

  • taking deep and cleansing breaths
  • reminding yourself that with patience you will come to the right decisions at the appropriate time
  • exercising

The more you calm these intense emotions down, the easier it will be for you to come to your best decisions.

Recognize and Concentrate on What You Know

When we’re lost, stuck, and confused about which path to take, we often get trapped in overwhelming thoughts.  As a result, we then drift further from our desired solutions.  To calm this process down, spend time reflecting on and highlighting the things in which you have clarity.  What are the things in which you are certain?  Noticing and valuing these aspects of your experience will bring you significantly closer to choosing the best path.

Speak with an Online Therapist

When we’re stuck in the same overwhelmed, lost, and confused place, it’s often so challenging to figure out which path is best for us.  In these places, it’s often critical to share your experiences with someone who can be completely objective and unbiased, such as a therapist.  An online therapist can help you see your dilemma from a completely new angle, learn new ways of viewing it, and develop more helpful strategies for breaking it down and approaching it.

Start Therapy With An Online Therapist in California

Image of a therapist speaking with a client. This show the benefits that can come from in person & online therapy in California. Don't struggle with making decisions any longer thanks to the support of an online therapist in San Diego, CA

I can aid you, as an online therapist, on the journey to clearing your head, receiving a non-biased perspective, and discovering the route that aligns with your values. Through online therapy, you can start to embrace your current place so that you can then start making easier decisions. In order to get started follow these steps:

  1. Give me a call and we’ll discuss how I can help
  2. Schedule your first appointment at Stress Solutions
  3. Begin to move away from the place of confusion as you make decisions with confidence.

Other Counseling Services We Offer in California, Oregon, & Florida

Through online therapy, at Stress Solutions, you can receive several types of therapeutic services including couples therapy and individual therapy. For individual adult counseling, you can get support with anxiety, stress, trauma, and men’s mental health.

By Jordan Zipkin

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