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Alcohol Counseling: Tips for Healing from Addiction

There is no getting around it. We are still fighting a global pandemic. The prices of necessities are skyrocketing, and unemployment is at a record high. So, it may seem rational at first glance when we reach for a glass of something to drink to ease the tension. But suppose that glass becomes multiple that you sip on until it’s time for bed or on a nightly basis, you find yourself draining the bottle. When this becomes the norm, there could be severe consequences for you and those around you. You likely already have an inkling that things aren’t great as you search online to discover if what you’re dealing with can be considered an addiction and compile a DIY list of tips for healing from addiction.

Have you started feeling concerned about your consumption habits and their impact on those around you? Perhaps you no longer feel in control of your actions or think that many aspects of your life are feeling much more strangled than before. For example, are you emotionally detached from your family, or have you lost your passion for work? You may benefit from cutting back on your use, stopping altogether, or from alcohol counseling.

Recognizing the Signs of Overdrinking

We seldom realize when we’ve crossed the line from allowing drinking to be a responsible and regular part of our lives to overindulging and overdrinking. The truth is that there is no arbitrary amount of alcohol that you need to consume to signify that you have a substance abuse problem. There are recommendations to consider that can help you track your use, but the best way to know if alcohol has become a negative influence in your life is to take inventory of its effects in all areas of life. Taking a step back and analyzing your drinking’s effects on others and yourself can be highly beneficial when determining if you’ve been drinking too much or if therapy for overdrinking in San Diego is right for you.

Image of a man grabbing a whiskey bottle. Showing a time when alcohol counseling in San Diego, CA couple help with healing from addiction. You can get support to stop overdrinking with San Diego addictions counseling.Many signs can indicate a drinking problem, including:

  • Reaching for a drink earlier in the day
  • People close to you are expressing their concern of how much you drink
  • Whenever you drink or are recovering from drinking, you inevitably forget about your responsibilities at home, at work, or at school
  • When you binge, you often drink more than you intended
  • If you have ever lied about how much alcohol you consumed to cover up how much you drank
  • You’re drinking alone or secretly, not just socially or with friends and family
  • Feeling the physical effects of your increased use
  • Feeling an intense craving for alcohol
  • Drinking every time you feel stressed out
  • Despite having problems in your relationship, work, school, or with the law because you drink, you still do it

How Do you Deal with Overdrinking?

As soon as you have come to terms with the fact that you are drinking too much, it may seem impossible to control or stop drinking alcohol. In addition, you might realize that the process won’t be simple or straightforward, which is true. As you walk a path to recovery, you’ll face challenges along the way, but the life you want for yourself is not out of reach. Nonetheless, it is commendable that you have taken the first step toward sobriety, as it will improve your health and well-being.

In the early days of sobriety, learning about your drinking habits and being kind to yourself can be very valuable. The following tips can help you set up the path to healing from addiction:

  • Admit to yourself that you have been overdrinking and have a problem.
  • Every time you get a drink, keep track of what you were doing before you grabbed one. This will help clue you into the mental or emotional states that cue cravings for you. Also, keep track of what you’re drinking, how much, and if you’re drinking with someone else.
  • For some, cold turkey is the only option. For others, cutting back on drinking is a more obtainable goal. To start, set reasonable limits on how much drinking you are “allowed” or how much you are allowed to drink on certain days. You can then reduce what you’re drinking as needed.
  • If you relapse, do not lose sight of your goals. Recover from your mistakes, recognize your progress (despite how small it may seem), and keep going.

Image of a man drinking a bottle of water outside. Showing the positive effects of alcohol counseling in Portland, OR. An addictions counselor can help when you are ready to start healing from addiction in Portland, Oregon.

The following tips will help you if you’re prone to drinking at home, after work, or after school:

  • Be careful not to overstock your home with too much alcohol. It can be tempting to keep too much alcohol around the house leading to drinking out of convenience.
  • Make sure you have a selection of your favorite non-alcoholic drinks available, and maybe even challenge yourself to discover a replacement drink that you love just as much.
  • If you are the kind of person who drinks as soon as you get home from work, consider taking up a non-drinking hobby or staying out longer to put off that first drink as long as you can.
  • If you tell your roommate, or anyone else you trust with the information, that you’re cutting back on alcohol, it may help you hold yourself accountable.
  • Try alcohol-free beer, wine, or spirits to see if there are any you like.
  • Don’t rely on alcohol to quench your thirst – keep hydrated with water.
  • During meals, replace bottles of wine on the table with pitchers of water.
  • Make a commitment to spend half as much on alcohol every week, then spend the savings on something you enjoy.

How Can Alcohol Counseling Help with Overdrinking?

Even if you take all the necessary steps to quit drinking, you may still need guidance or support. That is completely fine. You might need a little extra encouragement and support from an addictions counselor for overdrinking to no longer let alcohol rule your life. However, that does not mean you are a failure or that you will never be able to stop drinking. Healing from addiction is possible! Talk to your doctor about your end goals or how you’ve been trying to quit drinking. You can discuss the options available and decide which is most suitable for you. If you need a therapist, they can refer you to one.

Benefits of Alcohol Counseling for Overdrinking

  • Working with a therapist can reduce your chances of relapsing
  • It will enable you to gain a more profound understanding of yourself
  • The use of therapy can increase your ability to cope with stress
  • Therapy can help you feel unconditionally supported through your healing process

Alcohol counseling has a variety of positive effects, including restoring control over your life. If you experience stress, anxiety, or depression, you may benefit from talking with your therapist to pinpoint the root causes. Your understanding therapist can also help you identify and reduce triggers in your environment that cause you to feel negative and eventually lead you to drink. Once you understand your triggers, you can decide whether to avoid specific places or people. Alternatively, you can learn how to deal with these safely and effectively—addressing internal and external factors that influence your behavior. You may be able to reduce your drinking temptations significantly.

In alcohol counseling, you can…

  • Learn how to regulate your emotions.
  • Improve your communication skills and try to repair damaged relationships.
  • Take a fresh look at your life; you may discover patterns you weren’t aware of or harmful habits that contributed to overdrinking.

Frequently, healing from addiction involves confronting the reasons behind our pain. These may be things we repressed, didn’t allow ourselves to think about, or were unwilling to discuss publicly. Therapy during addiction recovery offers a safe environment where you can work at your own pace, away from temptation, and without feeling pushed or pressured. Through treatment, you will also learn effective coping strategies tailored to your needs to help you move forward.

The Benefits of Seeking a Male Therapist for Addiction Counseling

For many men, seeking help and admitting feelings can be discouraging and intimidating. In addition, as part of a society where men are highly regarded for their strength, independence, and invulnerability, they tend to hide their use of drugs and alcohol from others. As a result, this insecurity becomes more complex when men are in spaces that women—such as therapy settings—typically dominate.

My Stress Solutions offers men’s counseling in San Diego and online throughout California, Oregon, and Florida, as well as the opportunity to work with someone that understands the role gender plays in addiction. Our goal is to help you get in touch with your emotions, improve your self-esteem, and find your purpose without making you feel uncomfortable.

By working with a male therapist to start healing from addiction:

  • You can instantly feel at ease and develop trust quicker
  • You may have a lessened sense of judgment from your therapist, and more inherently trust that they understand your experience
  • You can leave your “tough” and “strong” mask outside session and are free to tap into your authentic self
  • You can find the understanding and respect for your thoughts and experiences from another man

Start Healing from Addiction with Alcohol Counseling in San Diego, CA & Portland, OR

When you are searching for alcohol counseling, either for yourself or a loved one in the San Diego area or the Portland area, contact My Stress Solutions for help. We offer a range of services, including individual counseling and personal addictions counseling. It is not easy to take the first step toward healing from addiction, so we understand how difficult it can be. If you are ready to take that leap follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us or call (619)-881-0593 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation
  2. Schedule your first appointment with an understanding addictions counselor for your overdrinking
  3. Gain the support and tools needed to stop overdrinking

Other Online Therapy Services That are Offered at My Stress Solutions in San Diego, CA & Portland, OR

You can meet with a male therapist at My Stress Solutions for more than just addiction counseling. We also offer support for anxiety and stress. As well as  EMDR, trauma therapy, PTSD treatment, and couples therapy. Reach out to see how we can best support you.

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