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Do You Suffer from Sunday Night Anxiety

If you find yourself frustrated by the dread that puts a damper on your Sunday night every week, you’re in the right place. Let’s talk all about the Sunday scaries and how you can put them to rest for good.

What are the “Sunday Scaries”?

Simply put, Sunday scaries is just an alliterative name for that feeling of dread that seems to overshadow the eleventh hour of every weekend. It’s a feeling of impending doom, returning stress, or frustrated anxiety that directly relates to your return to the scheduled, stressful monotony of your workweek.

Why does this happen to me?

While there are a lot of reasons that Sunday night anxiety may occur, there’s something important to know: there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling it. This feeling is estimated to be felt by over 80% of working professionals for one reason or another. Rest assured that you’re definitely not alone as we take a look at why this happens.


Being too committed to your work can wear you down. Even the most passionate among us can become overwhelmed with the weight of work if you never (or rarely) take a chance to step back and set that weight down. Burnout happens when you work too hard, too long or give too much to your professional goals without giving back to yourself.


When you’re not sure what’s to come, or how to meter your energy or expectations, it’s difficult to approach your work confidently. You may be prone to Sunday night anxiety if your personal workload is in flux, or if the company you’re employed by is undergoing changes.


A few kinds of imbalance can contribute to your Sunday struggle: power, time and energy. When you feel like what you offer your work situation isn’t being reciprocated, it’s natural to dread the return to an imbalance that leaves you feeling out of sorts at work.

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5 Ways to Stop the Sunday Scaries

Have a routine

There are two different types of routines that will benefit you in helping kick the Sunday night anxiety to the curb. First, craft a routine specifically designed for the evening before you return to work. The routine should be specific, measurable, and clear. Choose a few tasks that you repeat, in the same order, at this point in your week every week. Whether that occurs on Sunday like a traditional business week schedule or you have a more flexible work week, this routine will be the same every time.

Another type of routine that will benefit you in banishing Sunday scaries is a daily routine. Waking at the same time each day, preparing for bed at the same time each day and having the same general routine to prepare for these transitions can ensure you feel more grounded and confident in what’s coming next, even if you’re not feeling it.

Get enough sleep

This ancient refrain is truly at the heart of so much of our lives. While your sleep health can be something you address with your routine, it’s also something that can help to manage anxiety and offset stress levels. When you’re sleeping, you can’t be anxious and your body gets the chance to reset your equilibrium so you feel more prepared to tackle whatever arises when you wake.

Treat yourself on Monday

There’s a reason reward charts work for children, and bonuses work in offices. Regularly planned or accounted for indulgences can help you have something to look forward to. Maybe that means you budget in a bit of fun money every month to buy a hobby-craft (think books, games, or buildables) or you’re planning a consumable like a meal out or a special snack. Regardless of the shape your preferred treat takes on, having this to look forward to on the dreaded Sunday night can make it feel more palatable.

Prioritize a work-life balance

In the age of remote work and trying hard to get (and stay) ahead of the professional development goals, it can be difficult to feel like you have a life outside of work. It’s counterintuitive, but prioritizing a commitment to the interests and activities you take part in outside of work can be a huge asset in your work as well.

Making that work-life balance a concrete part of the way you set goals can help to offset Sunday scaries by ensuring you’ve got something to look forward to on Monday whether you treat yourself or not. It also ensures that you can leave work at the door when you get home, and vice versa.

Schedule stress relief

You can’t schedule anxiety, but you can certainly make sure you set a regular routine around finding relief from the stress that casts a shadow on your Sunday evenings (and likely the rest of your week as well). Make time for your hobbies, for relaxation, and for doing absolutely nothing. If a schedule works for a meeting, it’ll work for an anti-meeting too so don’t hesitate to schedule in that binge watch or a couple of hours just relaxing with no goal in mind at all.

If the stress of Sunday night anxiety is weighing on you and it’s adding to your already full plate, let us take some of the laod off. At StressSolutions, we specialize in helping you relieve pressure, reduce stress and build a life rich in balance. Call us today (619)-881-0593.

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