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These Mindset Shifts Can Help You Feel Less Stressed During COVID Times

Coronavirus has led to considerable stress for so many of us; this doesn’t, however, have to continue to be the case. Through measures to increase your healthy routine and foster a sense of accomplishment, for instance, we can start feeling much more peaceful immediately!


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Image depicting a couple seated on a bed, each facing away from the other, showcasing a disconnect in their relationship. Their body language suggests tension and the need for couples therapy, as they appear distant and disconnected in their shared space.

The Benefits of Couples’ Therapy for Relationships in Crisis

Do you and your partner constantly feel tense, stressed out, and irritated with one another? Maybe you feel as though you, your partner, or both of you are constantly picking on each other for every little thing. Does it feel like you two are always fighting, often about the same things? You’re in crisis mode and you likely feel incredibly stuck, frustrated, and exhausted.

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