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Online Therapy for Men and Their Partners Needing Change in San Diego, California

with Couples Therapist, Jordan Zipkin

Excel at work, find clarity in your relationships, and discover the energy to pursue what matters most.

Online Therapy for Men and Their Partners Needing Change in San Diego, California

with Couples Therapist, Jordan Zipkin

Excel at work, find clarity in your relationship, and discover the energy to pursue what matters most.

What has you interested in online therapy?

Impossible to shut your off your mind?

Tortured by a recurring tape of the same annoying thoughts?

Do you question your self-control and ability to keep yourself in check?

Are you overwhelmed with a sense of emptiness, purposelessness, and a lot of boredom?

Do you have a lot of self-doubt and work-related stress?

Do you want to figure out once and for all how to make things right with your partner and know you need couples therapy?

Or, maybe you can't quite decide if you should stay in your relationship.

With over a decade of experience helping men and their partners, I want you to know there is an end in sight. Our expert team of San Diego therapists are here to help you free yourself from what's keeping you stuck and attain your ideal life.

San Diego Couples Therapist Jordan Zipkin provides online therapy for men and their partners with actionable steps towards a fulfilling life.

Counseling for Motivated Men

& Couples Therapy in San Diego

You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters, especially if you're a man driven by ambition and self-reliance. But when you do, a world of positive change awaits.

Just as you'd fine-tune your strategies to conquer work or creative endeavors, professional guidance refines your approach to life.

You've got the potential, the drive, and the ambition. Let's harness that courage and shape a future that's truly extraordinary.

Our Specialties

Therapy for Men

From workplace pressures to home stress, our guidance empowers you to seize control and sync with your ambitions. Take strides towards a more balanced, purposeful life.

San Diego man using his smartphone to participate in an online therapy session to deal with his stress and lack of fulfillment in life.

Online Therapy

For modern men on the move, privacy and flexibility matter. Our online therapy is tailored to you—a dynamic solution crafted for busy lives, delivering therapy on your terms.

High angle shot of young man and woman in love spending time together at home sitting on floor in living room. Represents relationship after participating in online couples therapy in California with couples counselor Jordan Zipkin.

Couples Therapy

Forge a resilient bond with your partner. Our San Diego couples therapists help you navigate broken trust, communication hurdles, and more, enriching your connection every step.


Taking your performance to the next level. At work, home, and in your relationships you've learned to show up with 100% of what you have to give. That investment is noticed not only by others in your life, but internally you feel an all-encompassing sense of fulfillment that fuels you and provides the energy needed so you can invest in the things you love most.

Unlocking Your Path Forward
Actionable Steps for Change

Ready to expedite transformation and drive results? We've got you covered. Our online counseling approach is all about action and results, tailored to your needs:

Online therapy for men can help you

Move on from the past

Young Chinese man talking on phone in cafe; finally finding motivation to work

Find motivation at work

Portrait of black man wearing sunglasses outdoors while walking towards camera in San Diego

Choose happiness and fulfillment

Young man after workout in the park looking to increase confidence through online therapy.

Increase self-confidence

Portrait of confident young Asian man with beard and mustache wearing eyeglasses and shirt while working in office; feeling good about himself and his skills.

Feel competent and capable

Couples therapy can help you

Strengthen your relationships

Smiling couple relaxing on the sofa with a notebook hugging each other, view between door. Represents successfully working on their relationship in couples counseling.

Navigate relationship challenges

Interested in Becoming a Better, Happier, More Fulfilled You?

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San Diego Therapist

Jordan Zipkin, LMFT

I find that I have the most success helping men and couples who are motivated and ready to improve their lives. Therapy works best when both therapist and client value accountability, professionalism, open communication, and working together to create the desired change.

Expect a laid-back, conversational vibe, which emphasizes learning, openness, compassion, and fun. Looking at difficult parts of ourselves and making needed changes is hard enough, so I believe we should make this process as fun and enjoyable as we can!

If it sounds like I’m describing you, then there’s a good chance we’ll work well together.

- Jordan Zipkin, Licensed San Diego Therapist

To learn a bit more about who I am and how I can help you, you can hear me on Business Talk Radio here

You Deserve to Live Your Best Life

Ways we can support your transformation

Smiling man petting border collie while sitting near girlfriend on couch; represents someone who feels less stress in his relationships and life in general

Therapy For Stress

Break free from stress, arming yourself with tools to fortify resolve and sharpen focus.

Photo of man near plane, representing overcoming fears (including fear of flying) after benefiting from therapy for anxiety in San Diego.

Anxiety Therapy

Take charge of thoughts and actions, finding inner calm through counseling.

Cheerful and happy man has learned to make peace with his past and find stillness in the present moment after participating in therapy for trauma in San Diego.

Trauma Recovery

Psychotherapy can help you heal so you can live a productive and fulfilling life.

Business man putting his life back together after recognizing that alcohol was a problem. Represents someone who benefitted from counseling for addiction.

Addiction Counseling

Learn how to gain back control over your life and substances.


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